Department of Finance and Financial Management

Vedúca oddelenia financií a finančného manažmentu
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Miscellaneous Information

Miscellaneous Information

Department:                         department of finance and financial management

Researcher ID:                     O-9250-2015

ORCID Number         

Position:                                 vice-dean for education         

Room:                                    BF 330

Mail:                                      This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Phone number:                     +421 41 5133 237


Monday 12.00-13.00,  

Tuesday  10.00-11.00

Wednesday 09.00-11.00


Guarantee of subjects:                    

Debt financing                                                           Bachelor degree

Enterprise value management                                   Master degree

Financial models                                                       Master degree

Intangible assets management                                   Master degree

Financial risks modelling                                          Master degree

Financial modelling and decision-making                PhD degree                                        

Education and graduation growth:

assoc. prof.    habilitation; University of Prešov, Faculty of Management, Economics and Business, in the field: Management, title of the habilitation lecture: Theoretical and methodological aspects of earnings management in the conditions of the V4 countries, 2021

PhD.      Phd degree; University of Žilina, Faculty of Operation and Economics of Transport and Communications, in the field:  Economics and Business Management, thesis title: Implementation of consumer policy and consumer protection from the aspect of business, 2014

Ing.        master degree; University of Žilina, Faculty of Operations and Economics of Transport and Communications, in the field: Economics and Business Management, 2010.




Guarantee of study programs:

Financial management - Bachelor degree

Financial management - Master degree

Economics and Business Management - PhD degree

Economics and Business Management – co-guarantee of habilitation and inauguration proceedings


Scientific research focus:

Doc. Ing. Katarína Valášková, PhD. successfully completed full-time master studies at the Department of Economics at the Faculty of Operation and Economics of Transport and Communications at the University of Žilina in 2010. In the same year, she also completed Additional Pedagogical Studies, and obtained a pedagogical qualification for the performance of pedagogical activities and the teaching of economic subjects. In 2010, she began full-time doctoral studies in the Economics and Business Management study program in the same field of study at the Department of Economics, which she completed in 2014. Since 2014, she has been working at the Department of Economics as a university teacher. In 2021, she obtained the scientific and pedagogical title of associate professor in the field of habilitation and inaugural procedure Management at the University of Prešov. For a long time, she has been interested in the trilogy of fundamental problems, or financial management issues: i) prediction of the financial health of enterprises, ii) earnings management, iii) quantification and diversification of risks.

In 2004, she received the First Certificate in English, which was awarded by the University of Cambridge. Subsequently, in 2008, she took the general state language exam in English (international level C1-C2). She uses her acquired language education as a member of scientific committees and editor of several important European and American journals, and she also participates as a member of the scientific committees of several international conferences. She completed study and research mobilities/stays in the Czech Republic, Romania, Croatia, Latvia and the Russian Federation.

She is the author or co-author of 120 original scientific papers registered in the international databases Web of Science and Scopus. Her significant scientific research and publication activities, documented by exact and relevant scientometric values in the relevant research field, are confirmed not only by the citations to her publications, but also by broad international cooperation or several requested lectures at international scientific conferences or foreign universities. In addition to publication and scientific research activities, she is also engaged in review and editorial activities, as evidenced by 190 verified reviews in Web of Science and membership in the editorial boards of several journals registered in the Scopus or Web of Science databases.

She has been a co-researcher of two APVV projects, the co-researcher of another five VEGA projects, and, from 2020, the leader of the research team VEGA 1/0121/20 focused on the research of transfer pricing systems as a tool for measuring the performance of national and multinational companies in the context of earnings management in the conditions of the Slovak Republic and V4 countries.

In 2020, she received the award “UNIZA Scientist” for her scientific research and publication activities.

In 2021, she was awarded the Rector's Award in the category “Most cited record of UNIZA's publication activity in 2021”.



The most significant pedagogical outputs:

Valášková, K., Ďurana, P. (2022). Finančné modely v podnikovej praxi. Momentum riadenia ziskov. Žilina: EDIS-vydavateľstvo UNIZA, 217 s., ISBN 978-80-554-1905-3

Valášková, K., Siekelová, A. (2022). Podnikateľské riziko – Praktikum. EDIS-vydavateľstvo UNIZA, 134 s., ISBN 978-80-554-1874-2

Valášková, K., Kováčová, M., Kubala, P. (2019). Podnikateľské riziko. Žilina: EDIS-vydavateľstvo UNIZA, 193 s., ISBN 978-80-554-1541-3

Valášková, K., Kováčová, M., Kubala, P. (2019). Dlhové financovanie. Žilina: EDIS-vydavateľstvo UNIZA, 158 s., ISBN 978-80-554-1536-9

Bartošová, V., Jaroš, J., Valášková, K. (2018). Manažment podnikových pasív. Žilina: EDIS-vydavateľstvo UNIZA, 147 s., ISBN 978-80-554-1461-4


The most significant scientific outputs:

Valaskova, K.,  Adamko, P.,Frajtova Michalikova, K., Macek, J. (2021). Quo Vadis earnings management? Analysis of manipulation determinants in Central European environment. Oeconomia Copernicana, 12(3), 631-669. doi: 10.24136/oc.2021.021  (Q1; WoS; IF = 4.274; JIF RANK = 54/376; Q3 AIS =0.432; JCR Category: Economics)                

Valaskova, K., Androniceanu, A.M., Zvarikova, K., Olah, J. (2021). Bonds between earnings management and corporate financial stability in the context of competitive ability of enterprises. Journal of Competitiveness, 13(4). (Q1; WoS; IF= 4.725; JIF RANK = 41/377; Q3 AIS =  0.502; JCR Category: Economics)                                                           

Valaskova, K., Durana, P., Adamko, P. (2021). Changes in consumers´ purchase patterns as a consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic. Mathematics, 9(15). doi: 10.3390/math9151788. (Q1; WoS; IF = 2.258; JIF Rank =24/330;  Q3 AIS = 0.354; JCR Category: Mathematics)

Gavurova, B., Belas, J., Valaskova, K., Rigelsky, M., Ivankova, V. (2021). Relations between infrastructure innovations and tourism spending in developed countries: A macroeconomic perspective. Technological and Economic Development of Economy, 27(5), 1072-1094. doi: 10.3846/tede.2021.15361 (Q1; WoS; IF = 3.97; JIF RANK = 65/376, JCR Category: Economics)

Valaskova, K., Gavurova, B., Durana, P., Kovacova, M. (2020). Alter ego only four times? The case study of business profits in the Visegrad group. E & M Ekonomie a Management, 23(3), 101-119. doi:  10.15240/tul/001/2020-3-007 (Q3, WoS; IF = 1.446; JIF RANK = 251/376; Q4 AIS = 0,164; JCR Category: Economics)                                                                                                                                                                                     

Scientometric information:


h-index                                               20

verified peer reviews                          190

verified editors records                      79


h-index                                               24

Google Scholar

h-index                                               29

i10-index                                            64



Project NFP313011BWN6 Implementation framework and business model of the Internet of Things in intelligent industry – co-researcher (allocated funds: 1 574 162.80 €)

Project APVV-14-0841 Complex model for predicting the financial health of Slovak enterprises – co-researcher (allocated funds: 207 856 €)

Project APVV-17-0546 Variant complex model of Earnings management in the conditions of the Slovak Republic as an essential tool for reducing market uncertainty - co-researcher (allocated funds: 216 411 €)

Project VEGA 1-0121/20 Research on transfer pricing systems as a tool for measuring the performance of national and multinational companies in the context of earnings management in the conditions of the Slovak Republic and V4 countries – responsible researcher (allocated funds: 57 187 €)

Additional information:

member of the Scientific Council of FPEDAS, University of Žilina, Slovakia

member of the editorial board of the journal Ekonomicko-manažérske spektrum, Slovak Republic

member of the editorial board of the journal Economics, Management, and Financial Markets, New York, U.S.A.

member of the editorial board of the Journal of Self-Governance and Management Economics, New York, U.S.A.

member of the editorial board of Psychological Issues in Human Resources, New York, U.S.A.

member of the editorial board of Smart Governance magazine, New York, U.S.A.

member of the editorial board of Economics & Law and Economics and Management magazines, Bulgaria

member of the international advisory board of Readers Insight, Malaysia

evaluator of the GAČR Council, Czech Republic; VEGA and KEGA, Slovakia

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